Film Review: TIME

Stunning...A Flamboyant and Sombre Reminder of The Value of Passing Moments.

Runtime: 01:47
Director: Polla-Ilariya Kozino
Theme: Animation, Reflective, Growth, Family.
Whatever your film taste, you will be caught in the sobriety offered by this film. The lesson it teaches is clear and imposing just as the images are crisp.
The film essentially runs through its course with an enduring purpose of taking the viewer on a journey of time, using cinematographic collages of iconic life moments and seasons. What can time achieve? What does time matter? How much difference does a little time make or how little difference does a lot of time make? Depending on who is watching this short film, the film either answers these questions or forces you to ask them. Polla-Ilariya appears to be inviting us to ponder on the supremacy of time in the course of life.
The film is painfully short, which is an apt poetic parallel to time as a life commodity. As the film goes through different transformations of lives and events as well as seasons, one is made to keep a keen eye, less one misses the artistic representation of each passing sequence. Isn't this what life make us do? Just as we don't often have the luxury to take our eyes off the major events of our lives, when you sit to watch this film, you won't be rightly served to take your eyes off the screen.
We rate this film 7/10
Polla-Ilariya Kozino is an animation director and producer in Taiwan. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Polla started her career early on and had her first art exhibition at the age of eight. She got her BFA in Academy of Art University (San- Francisco) where she studied Animation and Visual Effects. She worked as a director and producer on many projects, such as "Coyote's Place", "Gyronaut" and many others. Most recently she worked in Laika Entertainment film, "Missing Link". In 2019 Polla co-founded a production company "Insomnia Production", where she and her team are currently working on various animation projects.

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