Film Review: 4.0

Brilliant, A Fresh Angle To Imagining Human/AI Dynamics

4.0: The Last Question
Director: Juan Pablo Bornio
Runtime: 05:00
Theme: Sci-Fi, Robot Apocalypse, Dystopia
The hard work with making short films is that you have to make a lot of sense within the same time frame a feature would be forgiven for beating round the bushes of a plot. 4.0 did a beautiful job of this. The film opens with the camera leading us to an echoing and heart wrenching cry for help. When we find the lady in distress,  alas, it is in the hands of a cold, heartless robot on a mission.
Within the brief dialogue that ensures between them, Juan Pablo succeeds in unraveling the conflict and the primary premise of the film. What is best about 4.0 is that unlike a lot of short films, and this is totally forgivable, the plot is able to find a logical resolution and the viewer is able to take that final gasp of relief and satisfaction.
Of all the things that was done right about this film, location has to be the one to stand out most. The visual effects and CGI aren't obviously from Hollywood but the director and crew has more than proven they can develop a good story and give it a befitting cinematic representation that at the very least, does justice to the message.
We rate this film 8/10.

Juan Pablo Bornio, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on August 22, 1980, has dabbled throughout his life in graphic and audiovisual arts.

Scriptwriter, director and producer, he has started as a self-taught in the world of cinema, while working as a marketing manager in a company.
A lover of writing, she has found in the cinema an ideal combination to project herself between her two passions, letters and audiovisual art.

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