Film Review: HADASSAH

Brutally Poignant, a Textbook Way of Making Short Films.


Runtime: 09:33
Director: Albrin Junior
Theme: Domestic violence, revenge, abuse.
These days, it is not every time we sit to watch a film that we get the chance to feel like we are part of the story unfolding. Hadassah being a drama about a love journey degenerated into a nightmare of abuses has its way of making us feel the pain of the actors.
Hadassah also has the guts to show us domestic violence from the rarely seen side of the one that fights back. This is storytelling that instantaneously shows us which side to root for from the very opening shot. And with every sequence that rolls by, we are drawn deeper and deeper into that side.
Hadassah is blessed with commendable directing as well as a better than average script writing. Although the editing leaves us with a wee bit to desire, one can easily not see it for the second to second outstanding acting by Hadassah and Nwachukwu. Their mannerisms are attention grabbing, their delivery,  sleek.
We rate this film 7/10.

Albrin Junior is an award winning author, scriptwriter, and filmmaker. He has written, produce and coproduced films that have premiered in festivals, and are listed in IMDb. Hadassah is his second directorial work.

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