Awards Finalist – Rayany Creators Film Festival, Winter 2024

Awards Nominee List

Our Awards finalists/Nominees list is finally out after long days of critical work done by our judges. All categories saw stiff competition as there were dozens of fantastic films and scripts sent in from all over the world in each category.

We are delighted to see the immense quality and rich diversity of entries this year. We had films and scripts from US, South Africa, China, Malaysia, India, Iran, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, and most especially the UK. As expected, entries that made it into the final list also reflect this wide range of entry origin countries.

See the full list below.

Best Script (Script Contest)

Nominees for the Best Script entered for the script contest are;

  • No More Gods (Louise Wilding)
  • Step (Brad Brookes)
  • The FIld of Hope (Nan Xu, Yihua Li)

Best Screenplay

Nominees for Best Screenplay in a Film are;

  • Hadassah (Albrin Junior)
  • Fatih the Conqueror (Onur Yagiz)
  • Pack Up and Go (Skya Theobald)

Best Documentary

The Nominees for Best Documentary are;

  • Keystone
  • Tristan V Christann
  • A Place for Them

Best Cinematography

The Nominees for Best Cinematography are;

  • Pack Up and Go
  • Keystone
  • Christmas Past

Best Acting

The Nominees for Best Acting are;

  • Abrazo (Kathleen O'Grady)
  • Pack Up and Go (Chlow Chow)
  • Fatih the Conqueror (Thomas Curel)

Best Directing

The Nominees for Best Directing are;

  • Abrazo (Paula Baldion)
  • A Place for Them (Ashley Hinojosa, Leon McConnell)
  • Pack Up and Go (Skya Theobald)

The Awards will hold on Sunday, 18th February 2024 by 3:00PM. Check our home page for full event schedule and other event details.

Congratulations to all the nominees and best of luck for Sunday.

We want to thank all our judges including Hayden Kelley who is the Head of the Judging Committee, for the difficult job of picking just three out of many amazing films and scripts.


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